Drilled & Tapped Screws

When used with our externally threaded coverheads, these countersunk screws offer an economical way of affixing any mirror, sign panel etc with a decorative finish - the choices of which are almost limitless!

Available in  6 gauge (approx 3.5mm), 8 gauge (approx 4.2mm) or 10 gauge (approx 5mm) woodscrew. Offered in brass material or zinc plated mild steel, and lengths from ½" (12mm) to 4" (100mm), there will be a version to suit.

Machine screws (bolts) are offered in M5, M6 or M8 metric threads, or ¼" BSW thread.

Drilled & tapped woodscrew - group shot

Wood Screws

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Drilled & tapped metric thread bolts - group shot

Metric Thread Machine Screws

From £0.08 GBP ex VAT