Externally Threaded Coverheads






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Coverheads with an external thread are of the traditional style 'mirror screw' or 'screw cap', for application with [internally threaded drilled & tapped screws] to secure flush any mirror, sign etc to substrate. To stand off from the wall, use with [brass spacers]. If you need a cover cap for your own screw, such as a stainless steel or twin thread screw, please view our [internally threaded coverheads].

This traditional application is both more flexible in style, size and finish than the more recently available internally threaded coverheads, and offers a slightly more discrete appearance with a nominal thickness of only 2-3mm, depending on the chosen style.

The flat coverhead is the most versatile style, both in terms of diameter - 6 available as standard - and more finishes available than any other style. Raised styles such as mushroom or dome tend to lend themselves beautifully to hand finished versions such as antique brass, bronze or copper.

Security style externally threaded coverheads give the appearance of a security bolt to the flat style. Available in our most popular brushed chrome and satin chrome plated finishes in either 5ba or 6ba thread, depending on the diameter of the required coverhead.

Mushroom style externally threaded coverhead offer a lower profile alternative to dome style, whilst offering the interest of the rounded shape.

Conical coverheads are available in two diameters, unusually with the larger diameter holding the finer thread. This allows for a larger coverhead to be used decoratively on a smaller screw.

Dome style externally threaded coverhead, available in a choice of 5ba or 6ba thread in both 12mm and 16mm diameter versions, and a wide range of finishes.

As an indication of possibilities, please view our [finishes page]. To find out if a product is available in a given finish, please view our [handy info guide], or simply select the dropdown box to see available choices. If you still require assistance, please [contact us].

For powder coated finishes only:

Multiples of 100 only - £40 surcharge for orders of less than 1,000 quantity - Non standard RAL colours may be subject to paint surcharge.

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