Coverheads - External thread

Coverheads with an external thread are of the traditional style 'mirror screw' or 'screw cap', for application with our internally threaded drilled & tapped screws, and to stand off from the wall, use with our brass spacersIf you need a cover cap for your own screw, such as a stainless steel or twin thread screw, please view our internally threaded coverheads instead.

This traditional application is both more flexible in style, size and finish than the more recently available internally threaded coverheads, and offers a slightly more discrete look with a nominal thickness of only 2-3mm (depending on specific product).

The flat coverhead is the most versatile style, both in terms of diameter - 6 available as standard - and more finishes available (for example, brushed chrome or radial chrome) than any other style. Raised styles such as mushroom or dome tend to lend themselves beautifully to hand finished versions like antique brass, bronze or copper.

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Externally Threaded Coverheads

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Floral Coverheads

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