Simplefix Locator Fixings

Range of nylon locators, available in different sizes




From £8.11 GBPex VAT


Pack Quantity: 250

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PLEASE NOTE WITH UTMOST IMPORTANCE: Returning customers should be sure to order their preferred brand of plastic locator. FK Moore Ltd bear no responsibility where brands are mismatched. Different brands of plastic locator should never be used together, no matter how well they appear to suit each other as they have not been tested by the manufacturers for compatibility. Although brands can appear similar to each other, imperceptible variations in size, material etc can be found. Unforeseen factors where different brands have been used together such as temperature fluctuations, adhesion, fitting & install etc can cause product failure.

Abrade surface Use Scotchbrite or similar to texture the base of the male part and remove the light silicon coating that may remain from the manufacturing process in order to aid adhesion.

Do not over-tighten When affixing the cup (female part), always allow room for expansion in warmer temperatures. Over-tightening may cause the cup to split and the product to fail.